El Rumor de tus Tangos :: Trio Garufa

CD Release 2012

The latest album by Trio Garufa features seventeen tracks! There are many timeless tango classics such as the tango "Malena", whose lyrics inspired the title of the album. There are also four original compositions by the trio, as well as their arrangements of famous tango masterpieces for tango trio and string orchestra. You will also find a lush rendering of Astor Piazzolla's "Oblivion", as well as a modern arrangement of the beautifully slow "Milonga Uruguaya" by Ariel Ramírez. And to fully represent the trio's repertoire of authentic Argentine music, three beautiful folk music rhythms from different regions of Argentina are included: a chacarera, a gato and a guarania.

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La Segunda Tradición :: Trio Garufa

CD Release 2008

In La Segunda Tradición, Trio Garufa plays some of their favorites, adding to their repertoire of timeless tangos: classics in the style of Roberto Grela, Leopoldo Federico and Aníbal Troilo, as well as the poignant tangos of Astor Piazzolla.

The trio started collaborating with DJ Ben Hester, to incorporate the Nuevo style of electrotangos, which fuses live musicians with electronic beats and synthesized sounds. Trio Garufa merges this new style of music and dance, while maintaining its ties to the strong tradition of Argentine music.

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Tango en el Mate :: Trio Garufa

CD Release 2004

In Tango en el Mate, Trio Garufa plays upbeat and very danceable tangos, milongas and valses from the Golden Age of tango music. The album also includes the most famous tango nuevo from Astor Piazzolla, as well an original tango arrangement of the Eagles' Hotel California.

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Flor de Tango :: Flor de Tango

CD Release 2000

"The quality, precision, authenticity, talent and warmth of both interpreters in this flute/guitar duo are such, that the listener has the impression of hearing these tangos for the first time, even if they are in fact classics from the Golden Age. Such is the amazing style of Flor de Tango."

Roberto Selles, Crónica Newspaper CD review.
Buenos Aires, October 29th, 2000.

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Farinelli, il Castrato :: film directed by Gérard Corbiau.

Film Soundtrack CD Release 1994

Artist was the digital audio engineer for the film. He developed the technology to create Farinelli's castrato voice by fusion of a female with a male voice, using the voices of soprano Eva Mallas-Godlewska and counter-tenor Derek Lee Ragin. He then used this technology to produce 40 minutes of singing voice for the film.

The film was the recipient of the César Award for Best Soundtrack (1995) and the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film (1995).

It was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (1995).